Sunday, 14 March 2010

Had a lovely mother's day! Boys spoiled me ( well Tom did) with plenty of gifts after my breakfast in bed. Smellies, keyring, notebook, pen, mirror. Both boys were utterly delightful all day. Rowan is growing fast and is not needing an afternoon sleep. He is a strongly independent , spirited little boy! Corwin behaved beautifully, he has such a calm temperament, such a little darling.

Above is a photo of my gorgeous boys ( Corwin on left, Rowan on right).

abi x

Friday, 19 February 2010


It is three years today since Corwin's second heart surgery.
Above is a photo of him taken today.
abi x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hello! Another update to share some photos with you from our holiday to Centre Parcs. It was lovely to get away after Christmas and it was beautiful in the forest with so much snow. Corwin loved the swimming pool, especially the small toddler slides. I bought him a special wet suit to keep him warm which helped , but he started shivering in the pool after about five minutes. Rowan was quite difficult all week , the terrible twos have well and truly hit!

We had a cardiac appointment yesterday. Corwin’s heart is stable with oxygen levels staying at 82%, his valve leak is no worse and blood flow around his complicated little heart is ok. His cardiologist wants to see us in four months time with view to putting him on a waiting list for a heart catheter ( a good look at his heart under general anaesthetic via a tube inserted into his leg or neck), after which we will know what the plan is for his next open heart surgery, called a Fontan. His cardiologist said that his Fontan surgery will be riskier than most due to his complex heart condition ( he has to have a few other tweaks and his valve leak means that his heart is less likely to cope). Because of the higher risk he wants Corwin to gain more weight but does not want to leave it too long. I think his surgery will go ahead towards the end of the summer, but we will know more in May. In the meantime I am feeding Corwin lots of high calorie snacks to get his weight up.

This week we received a date for a non heart related surgery – 23rd March. Hopefully this will require just one or two nights in hospital , we will know more at the pre op appointment on the 5th March. Hopefully his eyes will be examined during this operation while is under general anaesthetic.

I will keep his blog updated!

Abi x

Thursday, 31 December 2009